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The Life & Times of Sherri

Adventures in a Gluten-Free World

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Gracie Clover
8 November 1970
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Name: Sherri
AKA: gracieclover, starlight
Hometown: Toronto
DOB: November 8, 1970
ICQ: 50700702
AIM: sherrigoldberg

About Me:
- I'm Jewish
- I don't keep kosher
- I'm a self-diagnosed celiac with a wheat allergy
- I'm a gluten-free baker by profession
- my spiritual beliefs are a mixture of Judaism, Celtic, Druidic, Wiccan, Pagan, Buddhist, & various other ancient Earth-based belief systems
- I'm the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors
- I believe in reincarnation & life after death
- I believe in love
- I have no intention of ever marrying or having kids...yes my family knows this...& are thankful for this decision ironically
- if it meant saving their lives, I would sacrifice mine for my family & friends
- I was certified Reiki Level One in September 2003
- I will eventually take courses in aromatherapy, nutrition & massage therapy
- I co-own a gluten-free food company with my family
- I meditate twice daily
- I'm an aspiring writer
- I'm also an aspiring website designer
- I've been researching my family roots since childhood
- I've been obssessed with Scotland since birth
- I can recall several past lives
- I've seen a ufo...whether it was alien or not who knows but it flew & was unidentified
- I have no faith in Western medicine & rely mostly on alternative therapies
- I recently learned to knit (February 2004 - ok it's 4 years later & I haven't knit in about 3 years...too busy baking!)
- I have severe food allergies (dairy, wheat)
- I'm also allergic to chocolate but come on who can give that up?!? Not anymore!
- I thirst for knowledge
- I love to sing...even if my voice clears rooms
- I've visited various locations in Ontario, Quebec, Caribbean (Bahamas, Nassau, St. Martin, St. Thomas), Florida, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico
- I want to visit: British Columbia, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mediterranean, Monaco, Norway, Nova Scotia, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, The Riviera
- I adore Impressionist & Visionary Art...faves are: Degas, Gilbert Williams, Manet, Monet, Renoir
- my fave colours are: blue, white, silver, iridescent
- I love movies esp. musicals, romantic comedies, action, sci-fi/fantasy, documentaries, dramas
- I also love music esp. alternative, big band, buddhist, celtic, disco, heavy metal, jazz, meditative, new age, new wave, retro, rock & roll, shamanic, swing, visionary
- I'm a reality junkie...Survivor & Amazing Race are must-sees each season
- I'm also a Carrie & the girls (aka Sex & the City) junkie...jumped for joy when she got back with Big
- these shows are good too...Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, ER, CSI, Stargate, Star Trek (TNG, Voyager, DS9), Quantum Leap

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